Klout Adds Content Sharing Recommendations To Help Improve Your Score


Think your Klout score’s too low? Well, the social influence measurement startup is launching a revamped version of its website today that includes tools for improving your score.

The main addition is a “create” section that shows a stream of content based on the topics that you’re interested in and that the people who follow your social media accounts are interested in. The main way to increase your Klout score is to post content that people engage with, so with the stream is essentially recommendations for content to share. Klout can also handle scheduling each post and will provide analytics so you can see what is and isn’t working.

And the site flags different types of content in the stream. There’s On the Rise, which means the content is “on the verge of trending.” Crowd Pleaser signals content that your followers would be interested in. Hot off the Press means…

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2 thoughts on “Klout Adds Content Sharing Recommendations To Help Improve Your Score”

  1. This post was very interesting; I didn’t know what a Klout score was before now. Like Laura said, this gives some good tips about social media and can be helpful to those who don’t know much about this.


  2. These were a few good tips to be aware of as I continue to engage further in the world of social media. If anyone else is new to the world of social media have a look.


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