6 thoughts on “Look At These Big-Screen iPhone 6 Concept Photos”

  1. I used to have a Samsung Galaxy and I was hesitant about the large size at first but I grew to love it. I used my phone so much and it was nice to not have to strain my eyes. Currently I have a iPhone 5 and I wish it was larger. I would definitely be interested in getting the larger model when it comes out.


  2. Although there are benefits to a larger screen, I personally am resistant to this change. I have used peoples samsung phones that have very large screens and hate that I cannot dial a phone number without using both hands. My hand is just not large enough to hold the phone and also use my thumb to dial/text/etc. I feel like if people have a hard time reading things on their phone they should either get on a computer or get an iPad. Thats what I do anyways.


  3. If Apple does use this design, it would open their clientele to older adults and those with disabilities holding them back from optimal functioning with the current iphones. The larger screen and light weight will be beneficial for those who can’t use the original iphones due to dexterity and vision.


  4. This big-screen iPhone concept could be useful for a greater number of users such as older populations or those with decrease vision. The lighter weight design could also be helpful to the user with inflammatory conditions and possibly allow the user to access the phone longer.


  5. I think that a larger screen would be very useful to many people. Right now I even at times find it difficult to read things on my phone. Although you can enlarger text on your iPhone right now, it would be nice to have a generally larger screen.


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