‘Secret’ iPhone App Is Silicon Valley’s Newest Obsession



On the Internet, there are several kinds of communities. There are the ones where everybody goes by real identities — in theory, at least — such as Facebook. There are ones where you can choose to participate using either your real identity or a manufactured one, such as Twitter.

And then there are communities where anonymity is kind of the whole point. Such as Secret, a new iPhone app which debuted just last week. At the moment, it seems, half of Silicon Valley is fixated on it — though it’s hard to say just who, since it’s a community with no names, profiles or photographs.

The overarching purpose of Secret, say its creators, “is to not build only an app, but a platform that will bring more authenticity, self-awareness and empathy to the world.” People, in other words, are more likely to speak their mind in an…

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2 thoughts on “‘Secret’ iPhone App Is Silicon Valley’s Newest Obsession”

  1. Katie, I agree that this could be both good and bad. I could see people using this as an outlet when they feel that they have no one to turn to. At the same time it would concern me that people would be rude and judgmental when they can hide behind a screen.


  2. This App sounds very interesting. I’m about to go look it up and download it. It seems like there will be a lot of eye-opening statements on it; both good and bad. Thank you for sharing this information. Hopefully it helps to make a difference in someone’s life. I’d imagine heart felt stories about bullying or helping others will grab the attention of others and make this world a better place!


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