Technology Is A License To Forget

Thought provoking. Reminded me about the food industry (ie, meat, in particular). I give no thought to how much an animal suffered so that I could be served veal on a platter.

L.M. Sacasas

“It is at this point [when the power of technology becomes evident] that a pervasive ignorance and refusal to know, irresponsibility, and blind faith characterize society’s orientation toward the technical. Here it happens that men release powerful changes into the world with cavalier disregard for consequences; that they begin to ‘use’ apparatus, technique, and organization with no attention to the ways in which these ‘tools’ unexpectedly rearrange their lives; that they willingly submit the governance of their affairs to the expertise of others. It is here also that they begin to participate without second thought in megatechnical systems far beyond their comprehension or control; that they endlessly proliferate technological forms of life that isolate people from each other and cripple rather than enrich the human potential; that they stand idly by while vast technical systems reverse the reasonable relationship between means and ends. It is here above all that modern…

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3 thoughts on “Technology Is A License To Forget”

  1. This is an interesting post. It sheds light on how much technology is used in day -to-day life but the mass majority of people do not know how it works or how it was created. People are so attached to their technology they can’t go a day without it.


  2. This reminds me of cell phone use. I have noticed that people are always on their phones, even during coffee with a friends, at a child’s birthday party, work, school, etc. Technology is something we rely heavily on and is ever present. The last sentence ends on a strong note: “I am convinced, is the true source of the colossal passivity in man’s dealings with technical means.” Overall interesting post.


  3. I totally agree with this. I never really think about how things are done in the world or how things are created. It is so easily done now that there is no thought process about it. I am oblivious to most things around me, and that is pretty scary.


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