5 thoughts on “ETA For iPhone Offers A Simpler Way To Get Driving Times & Directions To Your Favorite Places”

  1. I really like that this app is much simpler than the big name GPS apps out today. Persons with disabilities and particularly the older adult population could benefit from this because it does not seem to involve a complicated process. I also like that it is specifically helpful to those in larger cities because traffic and trying to locate places in big cities can be very tricky.


  2. This is a really great modification to have the ability to save destinations on this app. This will benefit multiple GPS user needs. It is simple and has the possibility to lower stress while traveling from one destination to the other due to its ease of use.


  3. Andrew, I agree that simpler is better. Many people are limited when technology becomes complicated. Simpler, user-friendly options should always be considered when these apps are being made.


  4. Andrew, I agree that simplifying this technology is beneficial. Some of the newer GPS apps can be confusing. Older adults should be able to use these apps just like everyone else. Accessibility should be considered with similar technology so a broader group of people can use it.


  5. When implementing technology to assist persons with disabilities in accomplishing a task, simpler is typically better. I can see how a less complicated GPS app can completely benefit clients (particularly older clients) who may have difficulty of experience some confusion using other GPS models or Google Maps.


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