SanDisk Packs 128GB Into A MicroSD Card


My fellow nerds, our long horrendous nightmare is over. We will soon no longer have to slum with 64GB microSD cards. SanDisk will soon start selling 128GB Ultra microSDXC cards — a capacity double that of today’s cards.

Today, at Mobile World Congress, SanDisk announced the tiny card that packs a boat-load of data into something smaller than a U.S. dime and almost as thin as a postage stamp. 128GB. In a single microSD card. Thanks, science.

It’s unclear at this point if the card will be compatible with all devices. The firmware and operating system on older gadgets could restrict access to the full 128GB partition, but newer devices should be fine. The card is Class 10 rated, meaning it is fully certified for HD video recording. And with 128GB, that’s 24 hours of HD video.

The new Ultra microSDXC should hit Best Buy stores and Amazon as soon…

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