Wearables Attack! Huawei Announces A Fitness Band That’s Also A Bluetooth Headset


Your fitness band got into my bluetooth headset! No, your bluetooth headset got into my fitness band! Stop! You’re both right!

In what I suspect will be a minor blip in the interstitial wearable world, China’s Huawei has announced a Bluetooth sports band complete with pedometer and calorie counter called the TalkBand B1. Why is it called the TalkBand? You can remove the 1.4-inch flexible OLED-fronted lozenge of electronics on the top and stick it into your ear, making it a Bluetooth headset.

The B1 works like any standard fitness band and pairs via NFC. However, because it can also act as a headset you could feasibly go for a run and take a call simultaneously, a boon to cardio-aware machers on the go. I doubt we’ll ever see this thing stateside so you’ll simply have to savor the strange idea of something you sweat all over going directly…

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2 thoughts on “Wearables Attack! Huawei Announces A Fitness Band That’s Also A Bluetooth Headset”

  1. I personally find fitness bands to be incredible. They are coming out with more and more detailed bands. This is great for a person who loves to be active. I have one myself and I wear it every single day. My mom also has one that she wears to work. Since she is always busy and has things in her hand the blue tooth allows her to continue working and keeps her hands free. This would be very beneficial for an individual decreased upper extremity strength or dexterity.


  2. Interesting device for hands free telephone use. This device could be beneficial for individuals with disabilities and decreased upper extremity function. I would be curious to learn more.


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