TraveDoc, A Healthcare App For Travelers, Will Expand To The Middle East And South Asia


If you get sick while traveling, TraveDoc, an Uber for healthcare that currently operates in Ghana and Singapore, wants to be your go-to app.

This week, CEO Marcel Muenster told me his company has imminent plans for expansion to the Middle East and South Asia, although he didn’t specify which countries, or even how many. Unlike Medicast, Sherpaa, Doctor On Demand, or One Medical, TraveDoc’s focus on the dynamic global element translates into a somewhat different set of metrics. This could raise some communication issues between the traveler’s doctor abroad and their primary care physician at home, e.g. exchanging information about the patient’s medical history.

But Muenster noted that 99 percent of the uses TraveDoc had seen so far were elective cases, and that only 1 percent required hospitalization, TraveDoc CEO Marcel Muenster  well as the fact that more local U.S.-centric models like Medicast were going to…

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