103 People Unfriended Her, How Many Would Do the Same to Me

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freshly-pressed-rectangleI came across a Huffington post about a woman who posted pictures of herself on her Facebook wall that caused a collapse in her social circle.  The headline said “When Beth Posted These Images on Facebook, 103 People Unfriended Her”.   

The headline effectively grabbed my attention, but what the story really did was zero in on the heart of one of my own deepest fears.  It cut to a deep vulnerability that even I don’t fully understand, but it’s one that has held me back from engaging as fully in life as I possibly could.  I can’t do that until I can somehow get to a place of true peace about it.

Canvas ScarsThe pictures that Beth Whaanga, the woman in the Huffington piece, posted were semi-nude images of herself featuring her scars from a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.  They were taken by a photographer leading a project called,

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2 thoughts on “103 People Unfriended Her, How Many Would Do the Same to Me”

  1. I think that this article discusses an issue that is really important. Body image is something that people with and without disabilities or medical issues may struggle with. Reading this author equate how her body looks after many surgeries to low self worth and possible inability to be loved makes me very sad. The field of occupational therapy should definitely address body image and confidence issues on an individual level with clients, but also advocate for positive self image and the celebration of different body types on a broader scale.


  2. This is a crazy story because this women is so strong and had such a negative response for something so positive she did. She went through a battle with cancer and came out on top, tried to encourage others to be active in their health and realize how serious this is, and then had people defriend her because they could not handle the reality. She needs to know those people who defriended her are not important its those people who went to the doctor because of her or felt empowered because of her.


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