Android SDK For Wearables Coming In 2 Weeks, Says Google

These devices make good call for help systems, as well as, memory aids for people with disabilities. An individual’s complete medical history can also be uploaded and available when needed.


Google is readying a version of its Android OS tailored for wearable devices. Google’s Sundar Pichaitold the SXSW conference Sunday that it would be releasing an SDK for makers of wearable devices such as smartwatches in two weeks’ time.

The SDK will be aimed at other makers of smartwatches and wearables, even though Google itself is thought to be working on building wearable hardware — with a Mountain View smartwatch project rumoured for months. (Last year Google confirmed it previously bought a smartwatch maker called WIMM Labs).

The release of Google’s smartwatch has been slated for either mid to late March, or pushed out to June (although the company has not confirmed its plans).

As with its mobile strategy, the spread of Android is Google’s primary concern here — with the wearable SDK allowing the services it offers packaged with Android to reach even further, via other makers’ hardware.

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One thought on “Android SDK For Wearables Coming In 2 Weeks, Says Google”

  1. Smartwatches would be a great investment for someone with a disability who may not be able to hold their phone in one hand and use their other to navigate through the phone. This smartwatch would latch right onto the person’s wrist, provide a sturdy surface, and allow the person to easily access their ‘phone’ whenever needed. No need for carrying it in you purse or pocket when it can conveniently stay attached to your wrist!


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