Why Can’t A Startup Build A Self-Driving Car?


Editor’s note:   Peter Yared is the CTO/CIO at CBS Interactive.

On a 10- to 20-year horizon, large-scale technological innovation is going to center around machine intelligence, robotics and sensors. Each of these fields requires gargantuan amounts of capital and a lot of patience, a combination well beyond the scope of even the most progressive venture capital firm.

As Google has demonstrated with its self-driving car, the combination of machine intelligence, robotics and sensors can already perform better than a human at a complex task such as driving a car, something that 10 years ago was unthinkable to most people.

No doubt, Tesla has built an amazing car and after much trial and tribulation, brought it to market. However, General Motors had already shipped a production electric car years before. Tesla took advantage of the innovator’s dilemma, where legacy car companies are virtually incapable of embracing electric-only cars and integrating…

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5 thoughts on “Why Can’t A Startup Build A Self-Driving Car?”

  1. Sometimes it is hard to believe how advanced technology has become and is continuing to do so! The idea of automatic driving cars would be a huge benefit to older adults or people with disabilities who are unable to drive themselves. There seems to be a lot of time, money, and work ahead for this new technology to occur; however I believe eventually it will greatly benefit people who gain purpose and meaning from being able to get themselves from place to place to engage in social events and activities in their community.


  2. This kind of technology is going to play such a big role in the next few years in so many different areas. I am excited to see how social interaction for older adults who are unable to drive will improve with having this as an option. I see a lot of good things to come!


  3. When I read about the possibility of a car being able to drive itself I automatically think of how great that would be for older adults or others with physical disabilities that could really benefit from that kind of technology. I work for an older woman who is unable to drive which really limits her engagement in the community. If she was able to depend on technology for that area of her life she would feel much more independent.


  4. Technology like this is very exciting because I look at it and see how it can assist my future clients. Technology opens a whole new world with people with disabilities, and it will be part of my job, as a future OTR, to help people find technology that will improve their quality of life.


  5. A car like this could assist many people with disabilities, and it is very exciting to think about! New technology is coming out yearly and I am looking forward to these them so that they may assist my future clients.


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