Google’s Eric Schmidt On Critics Who Say College Isn’t Worth It: “They’re Just Wrong”

To my students, what do you think?


Google Chairman Eric Schmidt took a not-so-subtle swipe at tech critics who say that college is overrated. “There are various people who run around and make claims that higher education is not a good use of your time: they’re just wrong,” he told the audience at the SXSW conference, where he was on stage promoting his book The New Digital Age.

The average college loan racks up $30,000 worth of debt and the students are thrown into an uncertain recession-wracked job market. The most notable critic is Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who claimed that higher education was a “bubble,” and set up a fellowship that invests in gifted kids who want to become entrepreneurs instead of attending college.

Tech investor and TechCrunch columnist James Altucher has fiercely argued that college isn’t worth the rising costs. “Not only is college a scam, but the presidents know it. That’s why…

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2 thoughts on “Google’s Eric Schmidt On Critics Who Say College Isn’t Worth It: “They’re Just Wrong””

  1. I think that a college education is worth it in the long run. However, I think that the institutions take advantage of students. At WMU we have to take 12 general education classes. That’s over year of school, which costs around $17000 (with living expenses). Those 12 classes are a big money maker for the colleges. I understand that the college wants us to be well rounded but 12 classes, that’s too many.


    1. I agree that going to college is very important. As a current student, I have learned so much through college about my future career, myself, friends, the world, etc. I think it is am important time for a young adult to mature and reach that final phase of adulthood. However, I do agree that it can also be a money trap. The amount of fees that are randomly tacked on to tuition are ridiculous. Finding jobs is very difficult right now, and I can only hope that I will find a job to help me with the debt I have accumulated over the years in school.


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