2 thoughts on “Google’s Eric Schmidt On Critics Who Say College Isn’t Worth It: “They’re Just Wrong””

  1. I think that a college education is worth it in the long run. However, I think that the institutions take advantage of students. At WMU we have to take 12 general education classes. That’s over year of school, which costs around $17000 (with living expenses). Those 12 classes are a big money maker for the colleges. I understand that the college wants us to be well rounded but 12 classes, that’s too many.


    1. I agree that going to college is very important. As a current student, I have learned so much through college about my future career, myself, friends, the world, etc. I think it is am important time for a young adult to mature and reach that final phase of adulthood. However, I do agree that it can also be a money trap. The amount of fees that are randomly tacked on to tuition are ridiculous. Finding jobs is very difficult right now, and I can only hope that I will find a job to help me with the debt I have accumulated over the years in school.


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