Hands On With HereO, The Small And Simple GPS Watch Made Especially For Kids

Great tool for safety, topographical orientation, and other applications.


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If you’ve got a child between the ages of 3 and 8, you’re in an interesting spot as a parent. The kid is old enough to be involved in activities such as school and play dates, which can keep them out from under your watchful eyes for hours at a time. But they’re not quite old enough to have a cell phone of their own for keeping in touch.

A startup called HereO has made a gadget especially for keeping tabs on young kids in that age range. HereO has made what it claims is the world’s “smallest and coolest” GPS watch device, which connects with a mobile and web app to allow parents to keep track of where their children are at all hours of the day. The watch will retail for $149, and is available for $99 to people who fund the device’s ongoing IndieGoGo campaign

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5 thoughts on “Hands On With HereO, The Small And Simple GPS Watch Made Especially For Kids”

  1. I can see technology like this also being useful for caretakers of a person with dementia. It could provide peace of mind and also help if that person wandered from home.


  2. I know several children who currently wear a GPS bracelet, but I like that this one looks like a watch and is more kid friendly. The ones that I have seen in the past look more like medical equipment instead of something a kid would want to wear. I think that this device could be extremely helpful for parents who have children who are always on the go.


  3. I believe this product could potentially be beneficial in keeping children safe. However, couldn’t the child simply take off the device; and if so it could easily be lost?


  4. This is a really interesting product. I think it has a great idea and would help keep children safe in many situations. I wonder if young kids will enjoy wearing something like this. Overall, I think this product seems very cool and it is amazing how far technology has come!


  5. I am curious as to how secure the app and web based tracking systems are. Though this device could help with parent security in knowing where their child is, it could also provide unsafe situations with unwanted viewers. Overall, I like that the appearance is trendy and the device could increase comfort and safety of a wandering child.


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