Sociology Journal: Dialectic Reading on “Driving Discontinuance And Quality Of Life Among Elderly” by Joseph M. Pellerito Jr.


What questions did the text/chapter raise? How did the text answer this question? How does the answer match our own ideas and experiences?
What is driving retirement and what consequences exist for it? In the text, the discussion of driving retirement revolves mainly around both elderly men and women.  Driving retirement is the act of excluding oneself from driving a vehicle among society.  People who take themselves upon driving retirement are due to compulsory reasons (forced to quit driving) or voluntary reasons (because of known personal health factors for example).  From studies within the text, mostly negative consequences are associated with driving retirement.  Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) diminished spontaneity, 2) feelings of being a burden on family members, and 3) a perceived loss of social status.  Also, both men and women perceive driving retirement differently.  Women see driving retirement having more of an impact…

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