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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella points to Office for iPad’s early App Store success

The emergence of Microsoft’s office applications on the iPad platform will greatly enhance it’s functionality, especially when developing and sharing office documents with colleagues and friends using PC-based operating systems. What do you think about Microsoft offering these as “free applications” but requiring a subscription to fully unlock all of the features and functionality?

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Facebook Oculus, HTC One, And Microsoft’s Glass Clone

Emerging technologies such as advanced virtual reality could have major implications for people with disabilities. For example, mobility training could occur in a virtual world where scenarios that require the user to problem solve as a precursor to mobility training within the naturalistic environment. What are some other possible applications for people with disabilities or their caregivers or both?


Are you ready for the future?

Facebook certainly is, considering the social giant just bought Oculus VR, which makes virtual reality gaming headsets, for a cool $2 billion. And Microsoft is joining in on the fun, with reports indicating that the company has purchased wearable computing technology similar to Google’s Glass.

And in less revolutionary news, HTC finally revealed the latest-generation HTC One smartphone, which had been leaked so hard in the weeks prior to the event that we weren’t even sure if we wanted to cover it anymore. Yet here we are, discussing it on the podcast.

This week’s episode of the TC Gadgets Podcast features John Biggs, Matt Burns, Jordan Crook, Natasha Lomas, and Darrell Etherington.

Have a good Friday, everybody!

We invite you to enjoy our weekly podcasts every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific. And feel free to…

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Office For iPhone And Android Is Now Free


Along with a new version of Office for iPad, Microsoft made Office for iPhone and Android smartphones free today. The apps have updated in the respective app stores and can be snagged here for iPhone and here for Android.

The change log notes that the apps are free for “home use.” As Emil Protalinski pointed out earlier today, this seems to imply that “Microsoft still plans to require that businesses have an Office 365 subscription.”

You can now use Office for free, including editing, on every device except for the iPad, ironically, which requires an Office 365 subscription to unlock editing capabilities. There are free Office apps on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Windows RT devices, and for anyone on a regular PC, Office Offline is a decent solution.

Microsoft’s goal is to arc people towards paying for Office 365. But at the same time, use of free Office…

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Study: Feelings On Facebook Spread From Friend To Friend


According to a study from the University of California, San Diego, feelings on Facebook can spread from user to user like a virus. In other words, your friends’ moods can affect your moods, positively or negatively.

As we well know, humans can spread their moods to each other in face-to-face situations. A grumpy co-worker can make you grumpy while a happy significant other can cheer you up. This also happens, wrote the researchers, “among strangers or near-strangers.” But no one had quite figured out if it spread via social media or not. Until now.

Using anonymized data, PhD student Lorenzo Coviello and Adam D. I. Kramer and Cameron Marlow from Facebook looked at English-language status updates over 1,180 days. Using automated text analysis, they assessed the mood and tenor of each post to get the “emotional content.”

What did they discover? First, they found that when it was rainy in…

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FiftyThree Updates Creativity App Paper For iOS 7 To Improve Navigation And Control

Part II


FiftyThree has thrived over the last few years, due to the massive popularity of its drawing and creativity app Paper and the release of its complementary Pencil stylus . Today it’s taking a big step to improve the creation process with an update to its Paper app, which has been updated to be faster and more responsive, and to provide even more tools for its users.

Paper was already one of the best-designed tablet creation tools out there, and has won awards and received accolades ever since it was launched in 2012. But the new version of the app is even better, with a new look for iOS 7 that FiftyThree hopes will make it easier to read and improve the overall creation flow for users.

Re-releasing the app enabled FiftyThree to improve on the general design in both big and small ways. “We wanted to take this opportunity to…

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The Smartphone App Wars Are Over, and Apple Won


Every month or two, I perform a little ritual: I remove the SIM card from whatever phone I’m using at the moment and pop it into a different model. My goal is to get plenty of hands-on experience with all the major mobile platforms — a mandatory qualification for anyone in my line of work, as far as I’m concerned.

Whenever I land back on Android, as I did when I switched from my iPhone 5 to an HTC One this week, I’m reminded of the things I like about Google’s mobile operating system. It’s far more customizable than iOS, letting me do things such as opting for a third-party keyboard like Swype. It’s neatly integrated with Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps. Its overall level of polish, once so crude, is now at least in the same ZIP code as iOS.


Actually depending on Android…

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