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Disability Blogs Revealed!

10 Top Disability Blogs

April 6, 2010 By Josh 23 Comments

Since becoming more serious about my online presence, and blogging regularly, I have come across several high quality websites that cover disability topics very well. In no particular order, I encourage you to visit these sites and connect with the authors of the best disability blogs I have seen.

Get Mobilized!

Jeff Preston, a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Ontario, drove his electric wheelchair from London, ON to Ottawa ON, over a period of weeks to bring awareness to the lack of accessible transportation in Canadian cities. Now, he is running for City Councilor with an innovative online and real world campaign, with goals and issues put forward by his supporters.

Ouch! (BBC Disability Blog)

A great program of the British Broadcasting Corporation that explores all things disability.

JJ’s List

A Chicago based activist who knows full well the powerful economic impact of people touched by disability. JJ’s List reviews the accessibility of businesses across the world. This website is also a rich resource of video and articles celebrating disability.

Rolling Around in My Head

This top Canadian blog by the fantastic writer Dave Hinsburger has kept me coming back with whit and wisdom, time and again. Disability injustice and pride clash often in extremely well written posts.

Glenda Watson Hyatt

This activist and author owns her identity, which has been crafted in part by Cerebral Palsy. Her blog posts ooze power and conviction – with thoughtful pushes for change.

Disability Intel

Disability Intel is a great blog with in depth news, analysis and commentary on disability supports, policy and culture.

Enabled By Design

Assistive technology is essential to the disability movement. Enabled by Design is innovative; the technology and design you can find there is worth learning about.

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

CCD Online is not necessarily a blog, but serves rather as an invaluable feed of news and resources relating to disability in Canada. It is an essential bookmark.

The Gimp Parade

“An overeducated, underemployed American disabled feminist.” Guaranteed good read.

Planet of the Blind

– See more at:

Technology Is A License To Forget

Thought provoking. Reminded me about the food industry (ie, meat, in particular). I give no thought to how much an animal suffered so that I could be served veal on a platter.

L.M. Sacasas

“It is at this point [when the power of technology becomes evident] that a pervasive ignorance and refusal to know, irresponsibility, and blind faith characterize society’s orientation toward the technical. Here it happens that men release powerful changes into the world with cavalier disregard for consequences; that they begin to ‘use’ apparatus, technique, and organization with no attention to the ways in which these ‘tools’ unexpectedly rearrange their lives; that they willingly submit the governance of their affairs to the expertise of others. It is here also that they begin to participate without second thought in megatechnical systems far beyond their comprehension or control; that they endlessly proliferate technological forms of life that isolate people from each other and cripple rather than enrich the human potential; that they stand idly by while vast technical systems reverse the reasonable relationship between means and ends. It is here above all that modern…

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