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Samsung Working With Startup Partners To Add Gesture-Based Smart Home Control To TVs

Environmental control is now becoming a part of the mainstream technology which should drive prices down for what used to be a specialty item.


Samsung is reportedly (via WSJ) preparing for a smart home control interface that uses your smart TV to recognize basic hand gestures, directed at the objects you actually want to control. So, for example, it would allow you to point at a lamp to turn it off or on, or to other nearby objects to affect them in different ways.

The shift is a bit of an extension of what Samsung already offers, which is basic gesture control of their smart televisions, but turning the TV itself into a sort of smart home hub. The report from the WSJ claims that Samsung is in talks with VTouch, a tech startup that creates the gesture control software, which explains how its so-called “virtual touch” interaction software would replace on-screen controls and manual reports with the finger tip and pointing.

Typically, these control interfaces haven’t been huge successes with users, but…

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Samsung’s New Galaxy Gear Watches: Goodbye Android, Hello Tizen


The huge Mobile World Congress show is starting in Barcelona, which means that the next few days will be jam-packed with announcements of new phones, tablets, wearables and other mobile gadgetry. One of the first big unveilings: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, the second-generation versions of the smartwatch the company shipped less than six months ago.

There’s a lot that’s not radically new about the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. They’re a millimeter thinner than the first one and a bit lighter, but the dimensions are similar overall, which makes them a wristfull. Like the first Gear, the Gear 2 has a camera, but this time it’s on the watch itself rather than the strap, so the watch can take swappable straps. The Gear 2 Neo is similar to the Gear 2, but doesn’t have a camera.

Both watches now sport heart-rate monitors…

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Gear 2 Smart Watch With Better Battery And Tizen OS, Coming In April


Samsung has announced the availability of the Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch, a Tizen OS-powered wearable that will get up to three days of battery life and is promised to allow for a improved applications. There will be two models – the Galaxy Gear 2 with camera and the Gear 2 Neo without – and they will ship in April.

The Tizen OS, a new mobile operating system Samsung first tried to use in the NX300m camera, will allow for an “enriched application ecosystem.” The device has a 1.63-inch touchscreen, a 1GHz processor, and 4GB internal storage. Most important, however, the device will be compatible with more Samsung smartphones. Sorry iOS users.

Tizen is Samsung’s open source, multi-device OS that that the company hopes to take to ubiquity in multiple devices including in-car entertainment units and smart TVs. It uses web APIs to allow developers to build applications with…

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Samsung’s Dust- And Water Resistant Galaxy S5 Gets Official With Heart Rate Monitor, Fingerprint Scanner


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here, and now we know everything about the 2014 flagship from the Korean smartphone maker. It’s pushing into phablet territory with a 5.1-inch, 1920×1080 display, and it comes with a fingerprint reader on the home button, as well as a heart rate monitor around back near the camera flash. The Galaxy S5 is also dust and water resistant, which may be the most useful new feature to ship on the phone.

Samsung’s Android 4.4-powered flagship doesn’t deviate that far from its predecessors in terms of case design, packing the larger screen into a larger chassis but sticking with a plastic (though there is a higher end metal variant) backing, rounded corners and a pill-shaped home button, but the fingerprint scanner and heart-rate sensor are significant hardware additions. The Galaxy S5 also seems to have a significant focus on health and fitness with this update, which…

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Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo And Gear Fit


Samsung has announced three new smartwatch devices at MWC this year, including the successor to last year’s Galaxy Gear, the Gear 2, as well as a sleeker version called the Neo, and a fitness- and fashion-focused wristband device called the Samsung Gear Fit.

The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo both offer companion features for a user’s smartphone, which include the ability to receive notifications around incoming calls, texts and other communications. They have a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display capable of 320×320 resolution, as well as a 1.0GHz dual core processor and a 2.0 megapixel autofocus camera. They can record video at 720p, and also support microphone input. The Gear 2 also operates as a standalone music player, with easy transfer of music from your phone so it can be used independently.

Built-in health sensors include heart rate monitors, pedometers and sleep monitoring. Plus, the Gear watches are now based…

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Depending On Price, The Samsung Gear Fit Could Dominate The Wearables Market


Forget about the rest of Samsung’s MWC offerings. The Gear Fit is about the most exciting product announced in Barcelona today. It’s the first Samsung wearable that has a legitimate chance of catching on.

The Fit is focused to the fitness crowd – natch – but it packs enough features to be a hit with the general consumer. Like other wearables in this category, the Fit tracks movement, heart rate and sleep patterns. But unlike other current products, the Fit is water-resistant and packs phone notifications, a timer, stopwatch and a sleek curved OLED screen.

Best of all it lacks all the nonsense found on its larger brothers. The Fit doesn’t sport a camera, speaker or a massive screen. It’s svelte and sexy just like a smartwatch should be.

With over 200m Galaxy S smartphones sold, Samsung has serious brand equity. If even a fraction of those owners opt…

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