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Alternative Computer Access Resources

Guides to Adaptive Technologies
Transparent Hardware Interfaces
Computer Access Software
Input Devices/Switches
Augmentative Communication Devices
Speech Recognition/Voice Controlled Systems
Products for the Blind/Visually Impaired
Possible Funding Sources/Low Cost
Assistive Technology Programs
Books to Buy!
Guides to Adaptive Technologies

Abledata Computer Access
About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding
Assistive Devices for Use with Personal Computers
Assistive Technology for People with Spinal Cord Injuries
Trace Computer Access Program
Transparent Hardware Adaptive Interfaces – the computer recognizes these as a regular keyboard and mouse
Tandem Master – converts the Morse Code to keystrokes and mouse movements
Darci Institute – Darci Too Keyboard and Mouse Emulator
Compusult Jouse2 – joystick-based mouse and keyboard alternative built-in Morse code capability.
Computer Access Software

Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS)
Academic Software, Inc. – Single-switch access WinSCAN, SS-Scan
Click-N-Type virtual keyboard (FREE!)
Comfort Software Group – Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro
Gus Communications on-screen keyboard, word prediction software
Instant Text – Fitaly on-screen keyboard, word prediction
Innovation Management Group – supplier of Onscreen Keyboards and pointing device enhancements
Jim Luther’s Assistive Technology Collection
Neil Squire Foundation – ezMorse for Win 95
Origin Instruments – SofType on-screen keyboard
Prentke Romich Company – WiVik(PC) on-screen keyboad – Adaptive and Assistive Technology
RJ Cooper’s Special Needs – on-screen keyboard with WordComplete
Sensory Software International – The Grid 2.
Sue Center is a communication environment designed specifically for people who cannot use a keyboard or mouse
WiViK – on-screen keyboard (virtual keyboard)
Words+, Inc. – WSKE II, the E Z Keys (morse code input)
Zygo HandsOFF! – On-Screen Keyboard Emulator for Microsoft Windows
KeyStrokes on-screen keyboard software for the Mac
Input Devices

Bilbo Innovations – Keyboard Control Pedals
Don Johnston Incorporated – Comunication Computer Access
Chester Creek Technologies Innovative keyboards, mice and accessories for all ages and abilities
GiveTech – For the disabled who can’t afford computer input technology & another head pointer.
IBM ARC – User System Ergonomics Research (USER)
Neural Impulse Actuator Brainfinger Computer Access System
Infogrip – The BAT Personal One Handed Keyboard
Matias Corporation – Half-Qwerty One-Handed Keyboard Software
PI Engineering – X-keys programmable auxiliary keyboards
Zygo Flexiboard – alternative keyboard
Pointing Devices (Mice & Alternatives)
Cirque GlidePoint – touchpad controllers
CameraMouse – hands free computer mouse Computer control without headgear
Logitech – Trackballs
NaturalPoint trackIR – control of your computer by tracking your body motion
Nohands Mouse – foot-controlled mouse
Origin Instruments – HeadMouse Head-Controlled Pointing Systems
PI Engineering -X-keys Switch Interface; Ymouse – attach 2 mice to 1 port
Prentke Romich Company – HeadMaster, Jouse
RJ Cooper’s Special Needs – Switch-Adapted Mouse devices
SEMCO – QuadJoy mouse for Quadriplegic
TetraMouse – low-cost alternative computer mouse for people who cannot use their hands.
Eye Control
DynaVox Mayer-Johnson.
LC Technologies, Inc – Eyegaze Communication System
VisionKey Computer Controller – Eye control input
Tobii Eye Control Systems – Tobii PCEye and CEye
Adaptive Ability Switches
Discover:Switch ® USB
TAS Switch
Enabling Devices – large selection of switches
Switcheroo Switch Interface and Single Switch/Button
SwitcherHopper Switch Interface
Touch Screen
KEYTEC – Magic Touch Screen, Magic Touch Monitor (CRT & LCD), and other touchscreen products
Voice (microphones)
Andrea Electronics
Koss Corporation
Shure TCHS Computer Wireless System
Augmentative Communication Devices

Gus Communications Multimedia Speech System
Prentke Romich Company – Communication without limitations – Adaptive and Assistive Technology
ZYGO Industries – Augmentative communication systems
Therapy Box – Proloquo2GO, Predictable, for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone,
Proloquo2Go: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
TobiiATI – Speech Generating Devices and Eye Control Systems
Speech Recognition/Voice Controlled Systems

Discrete Speech
Dragon Systems – DragonDictate
e-Speaking -Free voice command and control program for Windows computers
tazti speech recognition – FREE speech recognition software – free download
IBM – VoiceType
Continuous Speech
Dragon Systems – Dragon NaturallySpeaking
IBM – ViaVoice
Synapse – TAP Universal and UNIX voice recognition
21st Century Eloquence Voice Recognition Software
Computer Vision and Voice
Products for the Blind/Visually Impaired

AdaptiveVoice – CDesk assistive software/hardware solution for low vision and blind computer users.
Ai Squared – ZoomText screen magnification software
Braille – Braille Planet, Inc.
Duxbury Systems – Software for Braille
Enabling Technologies Company – Braille Printers & More
IBM Speech Viewer III
New Designs Unlimited – Computers for the Blind and Reading Machines
Tack-tiles┬« – braille learning blocks
Telesensory Blindness/Low Vision Products
Vision Technology – magnification equipment for individuals with low vision
Possible Funding Sources/Low Cost

Assistive Technology Funding and Systems Change Project(ATFSCP)
Non-Profit Refurbished Computers Available For Disabled
Financing Assistive Technology: Handbook for Funding
Low Cost Sources
Assistive Technology Programs

Equality Tech- promotes uniting the disabled with adapted computers through the use of assistive technology devices
Arizona Technology Access Program
Carolina Connection
Eastern CT Assistive Technology
Maryland Technology Assistance Program
Oklahoma ABLE Tech Home Page
UCP/NYC – Assistive Technology
Washington Assistive Technology Alliance Home Page
Books to Buy! Available in association with
Adaptive Technology for the Internet : Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All
Assistive Technology for Children With Disabilities : A Guide for Providing Family-Centered Services
Assistive Technology: Essential Human Factors
Alternative Computer Access : A Guide to Selection
Adapting PCs for Disabilities
Adaptive Technologies for Learning & Work Environments
Computer Applications in Occupational Therapy
Computer and Web Resources for People With Disabilities : A Guide to Exploring Today’s Assistive Technology
Enabling Technology : Disabled People, Work, and New Technology
Information Access and Adaptive Technology
Living in the State of Stuck : How Technology Impacts the Lives of Persons With Disabilities
Making an Exceptional Difference : Enhancing the Impact of Microcomputer Technology on Children With Disabilities
Modern Morse Code in Rehabilitation and Education – New Applications in Assistive Technology
One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual : With Personal Motivational Messages From Others Who Have Overcome!
One-Handed in a Two-Handed World (Second Edition)
Solutions Access Technologies for People Who Are Blind

Apple Computer The Disability Connection
Attention Control Systems – planning and execution software for assisting brain injured people gain independence
EnableMart – accessibility solutions store.
IBM Special Needs Solutions
LapDawg X4
LapDawg Pug – Laptop mini-table with silent fan
Laptop Laidback – The Bed Table for Laptop Computers
Microsoft Accessibility Support
Zygo Optimist – personal pen computer