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Cosy Is A Smart Heating & Home Control System Coming Out Of Cambridge, U.K.

Environmental control can be most helpful to people with disabilities and their caregivers.


When Google shelled out $3.2 billion for Nest, it poured a fresh wave of attention and interest into smart home automation systems — even though it’s not entirely clear whether Google swooped on Nest more as an acqui-hire (of Tony Fadell and his team) than a desire to further feather its connected home credentials.

Whatever Google’s intentions for Nest, it’s unlikely to focus early effort pushing connected home hardware into markets far from Mountain View. And that’s giving a bit of breathing space to European Nest alternatives.

There’s German startup Tado, for instance, which last September raised $2.6 million. And soon there will likely also be Cosy: a smart home control system being developed in Cambridge, U.K. — aiming to ship product next month.

The initial Cosy system will include the inevitable mobile app to allow the users to control the connected hardware and access the Cosy cloud…

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Samsung Working With Startup Partners To Add Gesture-Based Smart Home Control To TVs

Environmental control is now becoming a part of the mainstream technology which should drive prices down for what used to be a specialty item.


Samsung is reportedly (via WSJ) preparing for a smart home control interface that uses your smart TV to recognize basic hand gestures, directed at the objects you actually want to control. So, for example, it would allow you to point at a lamp to turn it off or on, or to other nearby objects to affect them in different ways.

The shift is a bit of an extension of what Samsung already offers, which is basic gesture control of their smart televisions, but turning the TV itself into a sort of smart home hub. The report from the WSJ claims that Samsung is in talks with VTouch, a tech startup that creates the gesture control software, which explains how its so-called “virtual touch” interaction software would replace on-screen controls and manual reports with the finger tip and pointing.

Typically, these control interfaces haven’t been huge successes with users, but…

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Environmental Control

What is Environmental Control?

A system permitting remote control of electronic devices in the immediate surroundings. A person can independently turn lights, radio, and television on and off, answer or initiate phone calls, and unlock a door. Essentially any aspect of the environment can be controlled depending upon the system’s complexity.

A hardware or software system allowing the user programmed or spontaneous control over remote, electrically operated appliances.
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Ameriphone – Assistive Telephones (switch activated, TTY, big button, amplified)
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