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Mobile World Congress: 10 Phones and Tablets to Watch


Usually, with a big wireless trade show like Mobile World Congress, you can find a common thread that runs between all the most exciting phones and tablets. Not this year. Some vendors are in relentless pursuit of thinner and lighter, while others are leaning on standout software, or new hardware features such as waterproofing or secondary e-ink displays.

Still, the lack of cohesiveness doesn’t make for any less of an interesting trade show, and Mobile World Congress is still the one to watch as major vendors like Samsung, Sony and LG come to hawk their wares.

Here are some of the biggest from this year’s show:

Samsung Galaxy S5


Has Samsung finally reached peak screen size for its flagship phone? The Galaxy S5’s 5.1-inch 1080p display is just a tenth of an inch larger than the S4, making for the smallest size increase in Galaxy S…

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