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YC-Backed CareMessage Is On A Mission To Improve Health Literacy By Bringing Mobile Healthcare To The Underserved


It’s no secret that the U.S. healthcare system is in desperate need of change, especially as costs have continued to rise, while the quality of care remains the same. While technology will play a critical role in reversing this trend, many assume that improving outcomes is simply a matter of putting smarter technology in the doctor’s office. However, the problem isn’t a scourge of careless doctors or shoddy diagnostic tools.

Much of healthcare’s high costs only come after patients have left the hospital or clinic. Out of their physician’s immediate care, patients start acting like people. They forget to take their meds, realize they don’t understand their doctor’s instructions, and so on.

So, one of the most important steps we can take to improve the quality of healthcare? Find better ways to communicate with and engage patients once they leave the clinic or hospital. Current solutions aren’t cutting it: Today,

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With 40% Of U.S. Doctors Signed On, Doximity’s Jeff Tangney Reveals How The Social Network For M.D.s Hit The Tipping Point


With the arrival of Obamacare, millions of uninsured Americans are entering the healthcare system for the first time. As these new patients happily stream into waiting rooms, doctors are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing demand. Preserving a high standard of care amidst the waiting room blitz requires greater efficiency from medical practices, and doctors are desperate for solutions that can help relieve some of the pressure.

By making it easy for doctors to connect and communicate across teams, hospitals and entire health systems, Doximity wants to provide a release valve for the nation’s M.D.’s. The San Mateo-based company launched in early 2011 to give medical professionals a free, HIPAA-compliant alternative to LinkedIn and it’s been growing like a weed ever since.

That’s partly because Doximity has been working to transform itself from a social network (and a vertical-specific version of LinkedIn) into a platform. Today, Doximity serves doctors…

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Opternative Is The First Online Eye Exam That Writes You A Prescription


“Do I need glasses?” is a question you usually have to get an in-person eye test to answer. But today, online eye exam provider Opternative is coming out of stealth to get you a doctor’s prescription for glasses straight from your computer or phone. Opternative’s test takes five to 10 minutes and costs around $35 — 75 percent less than in-person exams. With $1 million in funding, it plans to launch this summer.

“Doing eye testing day in and day out, I thought ‘there has to be a better way to do this'”, Dr Steven Lee tells me. The co-founder of Opternative graduated from optometry school in 2007 and has been practicing ever since. He realized that with advances in computers and phones, he could probably replace that clunky ‘What’s better? One or two’ machine.

In 2012, Dr. Lee met seven-time entrepreneur Aaron Dallek, and they started the Chicago-based Opternative. [Disclosure:…

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