9 thoughts on “Health Matters”

  1. I agree with the previous comments regarding this survey. Surveys are definitely a quick and easy way to gather information from a specific population or setting. It is important to make sure questions are not double-barreled or loaded language questions; also that each person taking the survey is able and informed on what the survey is for.

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  2. This idea relates to what we are currently learning in research about surveys and this question could be used to develop a comprehensive survey that could be helpful to all healthcare professionals!

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  3. I agree with what others are saying, this can be a helpful tool to gather information for health practitioners. But as Anne stated, there is room for more improvement by adding more detailed information.

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  4. I think that this is a good start to something that could be helpful to health care professionals. I like the fact that people can vote and then see how common their vote is among other symptoms but I also think there is room for improvement. This could even go into further research such as adding an age range option and then voting. At that point, conducting survey research with closed ended questions can allow for quick facts that may give us more insight in what trends are among different age groups, genders, diagnoses, etc.

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  5. I find this tool interesting, but what is the overall purpose. Is it to find out what type of programs need to be created in the community to help out individuals? If so I find it a great starting tool. If it is just to ask your clients what is bothering them, I find it to be too broad and not personable. I think you find out more by actually talking to the client. They may say that they have chronic pain, but where is the pain located and is it causing challenges in their functioning.

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  6. I think the health vote is an interesting idea . Is the purpose to gain further information on which category most people struggle with? If so, how do you plan to address this information?

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    1. Yes, this is an unscientific way to find out the kinds of health conditions people are contending with and thinking about. I’ve got some ideas on how to help improve the quality-of-life for people with health conditions and would be happy to talk to you about it any time.


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