HEROES NATION is comprised of specially educated therapists and technicians with real-world experience, who provide client- and veteran-centered evaluation and intervention services that address challenges associated with injuries, illnesses, or aging-related concerns. Information gathered during the evaluation process provides a foundation upon which an effective and personalized intervention program is developed. We use trial situations with demonstration equipment in the comfort of our clients’ homes to help ensure that our recommendations for additional services or equipment or both meet the unique needs of our clients.

5 thoughts on “HEROES NATION!”

  1. Like my fellow colleagues, I also like this idea. I really like how HEROES nation use “trial situations” while demonstrating equipment in the clients’ natural environment (homes) to ensure that it meets the needs of their clients. Many OT’s may provide ideas or recommendations for their clients, but to actually go into the client’s home and make sure that the recommended equipment fits with the client, is very important. It also ensures that you (as the therapist) are reliable and willing to be a good provider for your clients.

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  2. I like that the equipment is demonstrated in the client’s home to make sure that it fits all of their needs. I think that this allows for the environment to be evaluated better and makes sure that the equipment is exactly what they need!

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  3. I love this idea as well! Especially because it is veteran-centered, too. Veterans have sacrificed so much for our country and their own families; it has always been an interest of mine to help them with my OT skills to live as functional and independent lives as they can, as well as any and all clients that I meet!!

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