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Joseph Michael Pellerito Jr

Dr. Joseph Pellerito Jr. has been widely recognized for his steadfast commitment to excellence working as an administrator, researcher, professor, consultant, entrepreneur, and master clinician in the private, academic, and public sectors. He believes that dedicated leadership, teaching, and research can result in transformational ways of thinking and doing.
Dr. Pellerito earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medical Sociology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan; a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Technology in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland; and a Baccalaureate of Science (B.S.) in Occupational Therapy at Western Michigan University Lee Honors College, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
He was recently elected to the Catholic Charities Board of Directors Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan and has held other leadership positions including Associate Professor, Chair, and Program Director at Western Michigan University; Associate Professor, Chair, and Program Director at Wayne State University; Founder, CEO, and Chief Consultant at Pellerito + Associates, LLC, Abilities Group LLC, and HEROES NATION lc; Vice President of Research and Consumer Technology at iCan!; and Administrator, Director, and Senior Therapist at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in The Detroit Medical Center.
Dr. Pellerito founded the Princess Party and is the planning committee’s chairman; cofounded and served as inaugural Managing Editor of The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (OJOT); published the first textbook on driver rehabilitation and community mobility, other textbooks on topics important to the disability community, and scholarly and consumer oriented articles in refereed journals and online; and is frequently invited to speak and lead workshops throughout North America on disability related issues; resilience, health, and wellness; and reputation management for health professionals.

Princess Party! 2014

April 10, 2014

Dear friends, colleagues, & family,

We hope you’ll consider joining us to acknowledge remarkable girls with and without disabilities at A Princess Party on June 20 in the Grosse Pointe War Memorial’s Crystal Ballroom in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.
The event will be co-hosted by A Princess Party, LLC and National AMBUCS™, Inc. Ambucs is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to working with occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals to foster mobility and independence for people with disabilities. We couldn’t be more excited to have Ambucs lend their years of experience to manage the event’s budget, document cash and in-kind contributions, and assist with other important aspects of the party planning. Mr. Jack Bellware, Ambucs National President.
We have had numerous groups and individuals offer their time and talents to help make the event a success; for example, the event will feature dancing to the musical stylings of professional DJ, Mr. Nabile Ansara; delicious desserts from Josef’s Bakery; complementary keepsake photographs taken by a professional photographer, Mr. Phillip Mabarak; theatrical entertainment by Leo Babcock and members of The Renaissance Festival; awards given to each of the girls by a local celebrity, and much more! Please see the informational flyer included with this message for more information.

If you know a special princess with or without a disability that would like to attend the hottest Princess Party around, please contact us: Joseph Pellerito Jr. by phone at 313.643.7925 or email at jmpelleritojr@gmail.com or Michelle Lent at princessparty2014@gmail.com.

Finally, please consider helping us make this year’s event a royal celebration of our princesses’ bravery, beauty, and brilliance by volunteering your time and talent, becoming a Princess Pal by sponsoring a little princess for just $50, nominating princesses or sponsors or both, or making a cash donation at one of the following five sponsorship levels: King or Queen: $1000-5000; Prince or Princess: $500-1000; Duke: $250-500; Knight: $100-250; and Herald: $5 -100. And one-hundred percent of the funds raised and in-kind gifts received will go to support our efforts to make this annual event possible for so many deserving girls of all ages, disabilities, and abilities.

In the meantime we will continue to clean the castle, polish our armor, ready the trumpets, and lower the drawbridge in anticipation of A Princess Party 2014!

Warmest wishes,

Michelle Lent
Event Co-Chairman

Joseph Pellerito Jr.
Event Chairman & Founder

Hands On With Wello, The iPhone Case That Monitors And Tracks Your Vital Signs


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If you’re like most people, you only check in with your vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulmonary function, heartrate, ECG, blood oxygen levels, and the like) when you go to the doctor. But what if you could obtain that data more often through a single device that’s almost always in your pocket or purse? You might be much more in tune with your body and how it responds to different things in your life.

That’s the idea behind the Wello, a smartphone case that doubles as a personal health monitoring system. Azoi, the company that makes the Wello, says that they’ve packed the capabilities of more than $2,000 worth of medical equipment in one $199 device. It’s an interesting claim, so we asked Azoi’s founder and CEO Hamish Patel to come by TechCrunch HQ and give us a hands-on demo, which you can see in the video…

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Greenpeace Dings Amazon, Hails Apple, Google And Facebook In New Green Net Report


Environmental watchdog agency Greenpeace is looking at the ecological performance of the world’s leading Internet companies once again, and this latest report finds that Apple, Facebook and Google are doing the most to lead the charge towards a sustainably powered Internet, while Amazon, and specifically AWS, is dragging everybody down.

AWS is one of the world’s leading distributed hosting providers, but it doesn’t reveal any details about its energy footprint to either its customers or the public in general, which is what has it running afoul of Greenpeace’s rankings. In addition to being the least transparent company on the report, it uses only 15 percent clean energy sources according the organization’s own investigations, and Greenpeace says it continues to slide relative to its competitors on energy performance.

The top performers get much more of their energy from clean sources, rather than bad ones like coal and nuclear that earn Greenpeace’s…

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AirPooler Is Lyft For Private Planes

Another creative and interesting potential solution for national mobility.


Pilots want to fly, but it’s expensive. People want to travel but it’s a hassle. AirPooler brings them together on its site where pilots can sell empty seats on private plane flights. This bootstrapped startup is launching today with availability on flights out of the Bay Area and San Diego, and gave TechCrunch the exclusive first look at collaborative consumption in the sky, and whether it can be done safely.

Here’s how AirPooler works. Pilots choose a date and itinerary for a trip, say Palo Alto airport to South Lake Tahoe. They enter the type of plane, the number of available seats, and their pilot’s credentials and experience. AirPooler calculates the price per seat by dividing the total flight’s fuel, airport tax, and hangar cost by the number of passengers (pilot included). AirPooler lists the available seats and accompanying info on its site, and anyone can book a spot.


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Samsung launches its smart home efforts for the home that only has Samsung


Are you an Android(s goog) fan? More specifically are you a Samsung fan? If so, then the connected home stuff that Samsung is launching today might be right up your alley. The South Korean electronics giant has introduced what it calls its Smart Home Service to control connected appliances and eventually help consumers build out automatic scenarios that could make their lives easier.

The Samsung post announcing the launch explains that someone using the Samsung Smart Home service (available via an Android app today) could program their devices so when she says “Good Night” to the TV remote control, connected devices within the home such as the recently launched Smart Bulb and air conditioners automatically turn off. Such is the stuff of home automation dreams.

But it has a big catch. For any of this automation to work you need to have Samsung gear. This isn’t an open play. Still…

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ChoreMonster, An App To Get Kids To Do Their Share, Now Free. Parents Rejoice.


Cincinnati startup ChoreMonster — the app that makes it easy for parents to assign chores and incentivizes their kids for actually doing them — reaches another milestone with their latest version 2.0 which launches today.

This is a major overhaul of the service we first described to you back in 2013. The new version is available via their website, via native iOS app and, interestingly, as a native desktop Windows 8 app. An Android version is coming in May.

As a refresher, ChoreMonster is a scheduling and rewards redemption ecosystem for kids’ chores. Parents use the app to assign chores to kids; kids use the app to log that they actually did the chores and then be rewarded for completing them.

Notable updates in version 2.0 include:

  • No subscription fees. The app is now totally free.
  • Point Boost — points can be awarded without doing chores (like for helping…

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Apple Patents IR Tech For Detecting The Force Of Touch Input On iPads And iPhones


Your iPad can detect very fine touches thanks to the use of capacitive touch panels, but it still can’t do a great job of telling how hard you’re pressing (unless you hit the gadget hard enough to trigger the accelerometer). A new patent application by Apple spotted by AppleInsider today details a method for detecting force, using infrared transmitters.

The tech involved is called “frustrated total internal reflection,” (FITR) and powers the interactive touch displays used on CNN and other TV news networks. It uses IR light emitters embedded in the display to bounce light off of the inside surface of the display, and can detect when that surface is being covered more or less by a fingertip. It can translate that surface area info into an inference about how hard a user is pressing to determine force.

Apple’s system has some refinements that make it easier to implement in…

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